The “Ladov” company was established in 2004. Over the years of successful supply operations we have gained valuable experience in dealing with companies of various legal status and business activities, and excellent reputation with our customers and business partners. We have stable and strong relationships with different companies in Russia, the CIS and the EU. Our core business is supply of salt to the Kaliningrad region. If you need to buy salt in Kaliningrad, our company is pleased to offer all possible types of this product: cooking salt, technical salt, salt tablets, nitrite salt, “EXTRA” salt and salt blocks – totally over 14 types of salt used in all kind of human activities. Another part of our business is about groceries supply. The “Ladov” company is in the top five regional vendors of cereals and other products to retailer chains, food producers and social institutions. We also successfully cooperate with regional wholesale companies. We have established a wide distribution network across the whole of Kaliningrad region. Flour and cereals in bulk, as well as starch and other products purchased in our company are of high quality and comply with all the national food standards. We also offer a wide range of products for livestock farmers, including brand new ones, as well as well-established products. We offer replacers of dry skimmed milk and whole milk replacers for calves. Both types of products manufactured in Russia and the EU, are of high quality. We also sell ready-mixed complete feed for livestock and poultry. It’s possible to have feed mixed according to your recipe (at least 3 tons). You can also buy chalk from us, which is indispensable when raising livestock and poultry.
The “Ladov” company is always open for fruitful and long-term cooperation. Our experience and professionalism of our employees is a guarantee of stable collaboration with customers and business partners. Contact us and you will have your orders completed on time and with good quality.
If you value stability and quality, choose “Ladov”!